"How is your crotch today, Minnie ?"

"Mickey, Sweetheart, right now it is sopping wet."

"Ohhhhhhh boy !"

"But more about that later. Right now Mickey we've got to think about presents for our friends on the internet."

"Mickey Sweetheart do you think we should get all the girls dildos and vibrators ?"

"Minnie that's a great idea! I love it Sweetheart. But let me go and get rid of some coffee and think about it."

"Minnie I've just had a bright idea !"

"Mickey are you going to tell me your idea ?"

"Minnie, my darling, this idea will satisfy everybody. We'll give everyone of our internet friends one of these and they can all go visit their favorite porn shop and pick out WHATEVER they want."

"Minnie what do you think about that idea ?"

"Mickey I love it, and I love you !"

"Minnie, I love you too. But you better go get out of those wet panties."

"hee hee hahahahahahaha"