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The ancient history of the distinguished surname Northrup has appeared in the chronicles of England showing the early records of the name Northrup to be derived from the Norman race. The name appears from about 1066 A.D. and its history is interwoven within the majestic tapestry which contains the history of Britain.

Researched, verified, and checked by Dr.Charles Northrup. Credit is given to Ernest G. C. Graham, the author of "Genealogy of NORTHRUPS, BARTERS and BENSONS of Springfield, N. B." without whose work and diligence the following information may have been lost.

Christian Joseph Northrup of Yorkshire, England, came to Milford, Connecticut in the early 1600s, and seems to have been the originator of the Kings County, Canada Loyalist family of Northrup,and he was one of the original founders of Milford, Connecticut. Here is Joseph Northrup's founder stone.
By the time the Revolution started in 1776, the descendants of Christian Joseph Northrup had spread over the state of Connecticut and beyond.
Benajah Northrup who was the fifth generation was loyal to the King of England and during the war served in the "Guides and Pioneers" as a volunteer. The story handed down in the Northrup family is that there were three branches of this family who left the US and came to Canada as Loyalists.

One branch to what is now Nova Scotia. One branch to Upper Canada, settling at or near Brockville. And Benajah Northrup and his family came to what is now New Brunswick in 1783. They went up the St. John River above Sheffield or Lower Maugerville, but the high freshet of spring of 1784 flooded them out.
He then moved to Kingston on Portage Cove, also referred to as Bellisle Creek, BUT now called Kingston Creek, and was granted lot #6.
This lot must have been abandoned by some earlier settler, as #6 was in Hauser's first survey in 1783 and at that time was alloted to somebody else.
Two (2) of Benajah's children, a boy and a girl, were lost by this family during this period of upheaval. The girl, Mary, died most likely when they were at Long Island refugee camps. The boy, William, 1st, who was born on the St. John River in 1783, died at Kingston in 1784 when just over a year old.
Benajah Northrup died May 17,1838 at the age of 87 leaving fourteen childen, 118 grandchildren, and 111 great-grandchildren. All of the 14 children were with his 1st wife (Sarah Keeler).

There is no record to substantiate the Northrup story that one branch went to Nova Scotia and one to Upper Canada, but as some of the Kingston "Northrups" did in later years go to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, it may have been from these travelers that they think that another Loyalist branch did exist in Nova Scotia.

JOSEPH NORTHRUP: b. Abt 1603 Derby, England
m. Katherine Birdsey Abt. 1622
d. 1690 Derby, England


JOSEPH - b.1623 Yorkshire,England
m.Mary Norton ?
d-Sept.11,1669 Milford,Connecticut


JOSEPH - b.July,17,1649
Samuel --- b.Oct.26,1651
Jeremiah - b.Jan.16,1653
John ------- b.Sept.7,1656
Zophar ---- b.June 21,1661
Daniel ----- b.Aug.7,1664
William ---- b.June 2,1666
Mary ------- b.Jan.6,1670

JOSEPH: b.July 16,1649 Connecticut
m.Nov.1688 Miriam Blakeman
d.June 1,1700 Milford,Connecticut


JOSEPH - b.Oct.29,1689
James ---- b.Jan.15,1693
Moses ---- b.Mar.31,1695
Miriam ---- b.May 15,1698

JOSEPH: b.Oct.29,1689 Connecticut
m.Nov.20,1712 Susanna Roberts
d.1733 Ridgefield,Connecticut


Susanna - b.Aug.31.1714
Joseph --- b.May 11,1716
ELI --------- b.May 1,1718
Aaron ----- b.Nov.30,1720
Abraham -- b.Sept.18,1722
Isaac ------- b.Nov.19,1725
Miriam ----- b.Jul.18,1728

ELI: b.May 1,1718 Connecticut
m.Jan.3,1738 Abigail ?
d.1788 Connecticut


Eli --------- b.May 12,1742-3?
Joanna ----- b.Aug.6,1745
Jane ------- b.Oct.21,1747
Ester ------- b.Jan.18,1749-50?
BENAJAH - b.Mar.27,1752
Wilson ----- b.Apr.7,1754

BENAJAH: b.Mar.27,1752 Connecticut
m.1770-Sarah keeler Feb.24,1814-Rachel Fowler
d.May 17,1838 Kingston,New Brunswick,Canada


Sarah -------- b.Dec.10,1770
Johanna ----- b.Apr.26,1773
ZADOK --- b.Feb.4,1775
Gamaliel ------ b.Feb.20,1777
Mary ---------- b.Oct.18,1781
William (d) --- b.Oct.7,1782
William ------- b.Jun.29,1785
John Anson ---- b.Mar.15,1787
Margaret ------ b.Jan.11,1789
Eli ----------- b.Jan.1,1791
Benjamin K. --- b.Jan.3,1793
James Sturgis - b.Sept.1,1795
Abigal -------- b.Apr.27,1797
Daniel -------- b.1800

ZADOK: b.Feb.2,1775 Connecticut
m.Feb.17,1801 Charlotte Worden
d. ? Canada - See below.


JARVIS THOMAS --- b.Feb.28,1802
Gabriel W.P. --- b.Jan.2,1804
Polly Y. -------- b.Jan.1,1806
Elijah Pelham ---- b.Mar.21,1808
Corline T. ----------- b.Mar.10,1810
Charles H. ----------- b.Aug.22,1812
Clarry E. -------------- b.Aug.28,1814
Hannah Sarah ------ b.Aug.20,1816
Zadok Isaac J. ---- b.Oct.26,1818
Mary Abagale ----- b.Dec.16,1820
Thomas Worden ----- b.Oct.31,1823

JARVIS THOMAS: b.Feb.28,1802 Canada
m.Feb.5,1827 Rebeccah Jerusha Northrup
d.Apr.12,1868 Canada


JARVIS LEWIS -- b.Apr.20,1828
Abraham G. -------- b.Aug.17,1830
George Thomas ------- b.Sept.16,1832
Zadok Philo --------- b.Jan.21,1835
James William --------- b.Dec.17,1837
Sarah J. -------------- b.May 2,1840
Gamaliel Elias ------- b.Jun.15,1842
Walter N. ---------------- b.Dec.29,1848

JARVIS LEWIS:aka Lewis Northrup b.Apr.20,1828 Canada
m.Dec.10,1858 Betsy Elizabeth Benson
d.Aug.22,1908 Canada


Hannah A. -- b.1859
CHARLES H. -- b.1863

CHARLES H.: b.1863 New Brunswick, Canada
m. ? Harriett Gates b.Harmony, NS(8/18,1870-2/6,1951)
d.1939 Melrose,Massachusetts


C.Royal - b.1898 d.1902
Bertha - b.July 19,1893 d.May,1987
C.Rupert - b.Apr.29,1904 d.June 19,1975
MELBOURNE - b.Apr.16,1906

MELBOURNE: b.Apr.16,1906 Melrose, Massachusetts
m. 1931 Hope Campbell b. Livermore Falls, Maine
d.Apr.16,1965 Melrose, Massachusetts


CHARLES - b.Apr.8,1936

CHARLES: b.Apr.8,1936 Homepage
married-1960 Judith Emery divorced-1976
married-1976 Diana Huston divorced-1977
married-1978 Sharen Zuna (deceased, 1990)divorced-1987
married-1988 Helen Grady (deceased, 2002)divorced-1998
married-1999 Eleanor Kelson


Rosemary - b.Apr.21,1959
Terri - b.Dec.6,1963 (twin)
Daniel - b.Dec.6,1963 (twin) - d.May,1988
Vincent - b.Aug.19,1965 - d.Nov.24.1984
Daniel & Vincent's Gravesites

Zadok Northrup, first son of Benajah Northrup, who was born in Connecticut, USA, Feb.4,1775, came to Kingston, New Brunswick with the Loyalists and about 1796 he took up land in the Bull Moose Hill grants. This became lot #6 (now J.K.Graham's place).

Zadok lived all of his days on his grant lot #6, Bull Moose Hill. He held seat #4 in Trinity Church, Kingston (a gallery seat, May 24,1797). His seat in Trinity Church, Springfield (1823) was #7 south side.

Zadok's wife, who was Charlotte Worden, seems to have been the daughter of Jarvis Worden (ferry operator and hotel keeper at what is now called Evandale). Zadok and Charlotte were both lving in the time of the 1851 census (then 76 and 70 years of age), and listed as Loyalists.


Jarvis Thomas Northrup, Zadok's oldest son, homesteaded the back 80 acres of his father's grant. This farm was passed on to Jarvis' son James William and from him to Ernest Walter Northrup. On Walter's death in 1946 it became an estate.

Abraham and James (two of Jarvis' other sons) were known as Abraham Jarvis and James Jarvis (or (Jim) Rock Maple).


Gabriel W.P. Northrup, Zadok's second son, had at first 40 acres of Jarvis' place about the time he got married. His father (Zadok) deeded him the front 40 acres next to the Belleisle lots. Here they built a house and barn but Gabriel became such a bad fellow the rest of the Northrups collected some money and sent him out of the country (no other explanation is given on this story). Some said "He went by boat".


Elijah Pelham Northrup (Zadok's 3rd son) was lumbering in Maine in 1836, which gives us the family life of this Northrup boy about two years before his marriage and then he settled down in Belleisle as a shoemaker.
Stephen Joshua Northrup (Elijah's 3rd son) changed his name to Northorp, and married Emmeline Harris Crowe. Stephen diedin approximately 1900 in Marysville, New Brunswick. His 11th. child George Washington Northorp did move to Vancouver around 1904 . Emmeline moved to Vancouver in 1908 with her 9th. child Mabel Pearl Lyons & her son in-law John Lyons.She died at age of 81in 1933.


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