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Gifts From Maine specializes in made in Maine products. Maine Made is the best
made; Gifts From Maine has the product, quality, price and guarantee. Executive
gifts, Birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day; any holiday or any reason is
a great time to give a gift from Maine. Seafood, candles, wooden buckets, and more
await you at our secure Online Shopping Center. When only the best will do,
made in Maine is the one for YOU!  

When only the best will do ...

is the one for you!


Maine Lobster, Salmon, and Clams fresh from the sea and processed in Downeast Maine for more than 70 years. These are just a few of the fresh quality, low cost seafood items offered at our secure Online Shopping Center.

Wood Products:

Local craftspeople take great pride in producing the very best and unique items in Maine wood.
Wooden buckets, half barrels for storing recycling items, pet foods, bird feed and more. Half
Bucket planter, mailboxes and an array of other New England style innovations can be found at
our secure Online Shopping Center.

Maine Foods:

Maine farmers take pride in every crop they harvest. Native fruits, vegetables and honey are
featured in our farmers Market Section of the secure Online Shopping Center. If you have
never tasted fresh Maine Maple Syrup, there is no time like the present.

Unique Products:

Gifts From Maine searches through-out our beautiful State looking for not only the very best but
also the unique. Collar Buddies is just one of those unique items. Designed to complement a dog
and cat collar, it will also fit collars for ferrets, pigs, raccoons or any other interesting pet you
may have.

If relaxation is what you're in search of may we suggest a candle! Gifts From Maine offers one of
the largest selections in scents and colors on the internet today. Try one of sixty-seven finely
blended scents offered in a beautiful rainbow of different colored waxes.

For as little as $1.00 + shipping you can order a Votive Candle through our secure Online Shopping Center.

Ragg Dolls, wooden toys, ceramic items, stuffed toy animals and more await you in our secure Online Shopping Center.

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Maine Lobster:
You can now purchase Fresh Maine Lobster in the can. This is a much better deal than having a live one flown to you.

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