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Toy Trunk Railroad by Erik Sansom
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"Hi, this is Charlie Northrup and I've always had a fascination with trains. as matter of fact I rode the "rails" many times for pleasure or to go to work from the Melrose Highlands Railroad Station to Boston when I was growing up in the 30s, 40s, and 50s in Massachusetts."

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"My cousin Dick, when we were just little fellas, used to "borrow" tickets from my uncle's ticket book and we'd go riding on the train."

"Another incident that took place involving myself and the RR was the time my Dad, who worked for H.P.Hood & Sons and drove a horse and milk wagon, had stopped at the house on Marvin Road that we lived in right next to the RR tracks for lunch.

Wouldn't you know it, I being only about 3 or 4 at the time, untied the reins, hopped into the wagon and said giddyup horsey.
Well to my surprise he (Old Red) did, and headed down the street, and went into the RR station at Melrose Highlands and headed towards Malden (where the barn was) alongside the railroad tracks. Fortunately a policeman saw the incident and stopped the horse and went and took myself and Red back to the house. Nope I didn't get a spanking."
"Here's my Dad and myself in 1936!"

"If you'll wait just a minute or two you'll hear the train leaving the station."

"Just scroll down to look at the Railroad, Railroad Station and Trolley websites, and let's all take a ride together. But before we look at the sites, let's all take a ride on the Love Train."
"Love Train courtesy of LadyLynn's Hugs".

My grandfather, William Smith, was an engineer for the Boston & Maine Railroad and had the Fitchburg to Boston run.

If anybody has any info on the Boston & Maine Railroad,
please e-mail here.

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