The rapidity with which a person secures employment as a radio, stage, television, or movie personality depends entirely upon two (2) things:

1. His proficiency as an actor, in other words, how well he has learned and put into practice the teachings of lessons.

2. The energy, zeal, and courage (persistence) with which he displays in putting the following into use:

a. Work History (Resume)
b. Composite (pictures)
c. Booking Agent
d. Tryouts (Auditions)
e. Unions
f. Friends

Work History (Resume)

The more background a person has, the more material will be available for display. This can be obtained by working in church, school plays, or local stock.
The first job is to arrange a suitable display of your dramatic training and experiences or performances.
The work history should also include your name , age range, weight, height, color of eyes and hair. Also your name, address, and telephone number.

Next list the actual jobs held in show business: radio commercials, television commercials, little theatre, film work, stage roles, recordings, night clubs.
Then list the jobs you are capable of performing: radio, television, films, stage, commercials, singing, dancing, and anything else you're capable of doing in the entertainment field. If you're not sure how to do your resume check here for an example.

Along with this work history (resume) you should have a business card.
And it is beneficial to have a photograph of yourself imprinted on the card. 200-300 resumes and business cards should do as a starter.


A composite consists of four (4) or more photographs on a single 8X10 sheet. Don't just have four head shots, but let each picture tell a story. The best thing is go to a professional photographer accustomed to working with actors.
Have each picture look like an action shot from a scene you were playing. Explain the scene to the photographer and plan the clothes and props which are to be used. For character parts take scenes in roles that are the type you want to play.
Casting people visualize you only in the roles suggested by your pictures. 200-300 composites should suffice.
Also some agents prefer just a good head shot on an 8X10 sheet. This head shot should be as natural as it can be.

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Booking Agents

Call on an agent with the aforementioned props:
1. business card
2. resume
3. composite and/or head shot

DO NOT engage the service of any agent who is not franchised by:



All unions are "open" unions. This means that an actor can get a job before joining the union. After the job is secured then he must join the appropriate union within 30 days.

Good luck and "break a leg" !!!

If you really apply your knowledge, and skills, YOU could end up on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Now that you've decided to become an actor or actress, here's the profile and pitfalls involved with the acting profession.

But whatever you decide to do with your life, here's a little advice for you.


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