What to look for in the study of a character:

Physical Appearances

1. How tall
2. What physical size and shape
3. How old
4. What clothes is character wearing
5. What kind of posture
6. What kind of walk
7. What typical mannerisms
8. What outward refinements
9. What type of voice (quality, pitch, inflection, tempo)

Emotional and Mental Characteristics (Personality)

1. What general intelligence
2. What atitudes toward people

a. friendly, angry, withdrawn, bold

3. What general disposition
4. What kind of living
5. What kind of ambition (drive)
6. How sensitive

Case History

1. What was the family background
2. What kind of education
3. What is the home situation like now
4. What is the daily life
5. What is the social standing
6. What are the amusements
7. What are the sports activities
8. What are the hobbies


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